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Legalizing Marijuana Essay, Research Paper

Legalizing marijuana

What this can’t be true, marijuana can’t be good for you it causes asthma and bronchitis. Oh wait I almost forgot thats just another misconception of marijuana in truth it is actually good for people suffering from asthma and bronchitis. Yeah right, this wonder of a drug isn’t only not bad for you, but it can actually promote good health. This drug can save lives, it can restore people’s vision, in fact there isn’t much this drug can’t do. Marijuana can save the lives of people diagnosed with cancer, and prolong the lives of people with the HIV virus. It reduces nausea and increases the appetite. If this isn’t enough to change your mind about marijuana how about all the people with glocoma? Smoking marijuana will clear up their vision and relieve the pressure in their eyes, AND IT CAN EVEN PREVENT THEM FROM BEING BLIND. Marijuana supposedly causes brain damage but that is only another misconception. This misconception has been tested and proven wrong. The only thing that actually makes marijuana bad for you is the tar in it, and it is not good for your lungs to breathe in anything that hot. Now these aren’t terribly bad for you, but they can be overcome by using a bong or waterpipe and putting ice in it. Every year law enforcement spends countless man-hours trying to apprehend marijuana dealers and growers. This time would be better utilized in dealing with more serious crimes. A study carried out in California clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of marijuana as a treatment for cancer: “Over 74 percent of the cancer patients treated in the program have reported that marijuana is more effective in relieving their nausea and vomiting than any other drug they have tried.”(Zeese 1990). Moreover, several other things can be produced commercially using the marijuana plant. There is a possible revenue obtainable from hemp, which can be manufactured into clothing material, vegetable oil, paper product, and livestock feed (Caputo and Ostrom 485). However, crime enforcement energy is often spent dealing with cases that are not necessary. The police spend useless time trying to arrest marijuana growing and smokers. If marijuana is legalized, drug-fighting resources could be better used against the drug trade of cocaine, heroin, and other dangerous substances. Also, if the government would legalize and regulate the sale of marijuana, large tax revenues could be available to the government. This increased revenue could help the country become a better place to live, whether it be through improved highways or new schools. All of these benefits are from a simple plant called marijuana, and yet the government will not allow their country to enjoy all of the good things that could come out of the legalization of this crop. If these drugs that I and others are doing are so bad for us why did the government let us pay taxes with hemp in the 1800’s, why did they make a video called “Hemp For Victory” teaching all us civilians to grow marijuana because our hemp supply was cut off from the Philippines? I’m sure if marijuana was that bad for you that they wouldn’t have risked something legalizing growing it. In fact the reason it was illegalized in 1937 is because hemp is such a strong competitor for everything from clothes to paper products. . If you are diagnosed with glocoma and are about to go blind the government doesn’t care they might hook you up with a nice cane but they refuse to give you the one thing that would have saved your vision the only medicinal herb that could have possibly kept you from becoming blind and that is marijuana. They tell us lies ,marijuana causes brain damage. When in fact it does not scientists have proven wrong this theory on rhesus monkeys giving them marijuana 1-3 times daily for up to a year and reported no signs of brain damage at all. Marijuana will become legal due to the knew administration which is liberal and who’s leader , president Bill Clinton who had acutely used marijuana during the nineteen sixties. Still by seeing both sides of the issue I’m still one hundred percent pro marijuana because I believe its less harmful than beer or liquor because with marijuana you can’t overdose.

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