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The Jerome Brown Story Essay, Research Paper

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FileName: JER12.TXT

A Subject: 004: English: Creative writing

A Title: The Jerome Brown Story

papers = I got a 95 on this paper


BY: Andrew Mantell, Anthony Aquilino, and Evan Most,

Announcer: (sitting in the announcer booth) ?5.4 seconds left, Kennedy down by two.

Ho Ming Ching inbounds the ball to Jose Lopez, Muhmud Mohammed sets the pick for

Lopez, Lopez goes around the back pass to Jerome Brown

Narrator: After the game Jerome Brown is walking home when a big muscular man

pulls Jerome over.

Pablo Rivera: You wanna? make some quick money?

Jerome: Doin? what?

Pablo: All you gotta? do is go to the corner of 115th street at 10 o? clock. When a guy

comes by the name of Bob give him the bag.

Jerome: What?s in it?

Pablo: Don?t worry about kid, just get the job done.

Jerome: Who?s that big guy next to you?

Pablo: That?s Diesel, my bodyguard. So do what I said. Okay?

Jerome: (Jerome vibrates) Okay.

Narrator: Jerome arrives at 115th street at 10 o?clock. A big man walks up to him.

Bob: Are you the new kid?

Jerome: I guess so.

Bob: You got the stuff?

Jerome: Only if you got the money!

Bob: Yeah I got it.

Jerome: Here?s the bag.

Narrator: As Bob gives Jerome $300, Jerome gives Bob the bag. Bob runs away. 1

hour later, Jerome gets a call from Pablo.

Jerome: Hello?

Pablo: Hello, is Jerome there?

Jerome: This is Jerome.

Pablo: You did good work. I got anotha? job for you.

Jerome: I don?t know man.

Pablo: Don?t worry, just meet me after the game tonight in the back of the school.

Narrator: That night, Kennedy had a game. Jerome had 30 points, 12 assists, and 10

rebounds. This was the first triple-double of his career. Kennedy won 97-82. After the

game Jerome met Pablo in the back of the school. Pablo ga

Coach: Hey Jerome, Good game today. What?s in the bag?

Jerome: (stuttering) It?s my uniform.

Coach: Who?s your friend?

Jerome: (stuttering) This is Paco Gonzalez.

Coach: All right Jerome, I?ll see you tomorrow.

Pablo: Bring the bag to 131st street. A guy named Joe will give you some money.

Jerome: Can you please tell me what?s in the bag!

Pablo: Don?t worry about it.

Jerome: I won?t do it if you don?t tell me what?s in the bag.

Pablo: Fine, I?ll tell you, it?s cocaine.

Jerome: I can?t be dealin? this stuff.

Pablo: (pulls out a gun) I think you can. I?ll give you $200 for every sell.

Jerome: Fine, I?ll do it.

Narrator: Jerome ran home, gasping for air the whole time. The next night at exactly

10 o?clock Jerome met Joe at 131st street with the bag of cocaine. Jerome gets two

hundred dollars and gets another shipment of drugs from Pablo.

Jerome: (walking home from 131st street) (thinking to himself) I wonder how it feels to

take this stuff. I think I?ll try it. (he sniffs the drugs and gets very dizzy.)

Narrator: When Jerome got home, his parents were waiting for him.

Mom: Where have you been, young man?

Jerome: I was at Ho?s house and Muhmud was there. I got paid today!

Mom: How much?

Jerome: $200.

Mom: $200?, good lord that?s a lot of money. How did you get that much?

Jerome: My job.

Mom: What job would that be?

Jerome: I?m helping Muhmud out at the Quick – E – Mart.

(Jerome wakes up at 4:00 to meet Pablo, they meet at an abandoned warehouse)

Pablo: Deliver this bag to a guy a named Fred on 131st street.

Jerome: All right, then give me two bags. I like this stuff. I?ll pay you when I see you


Pablo: No problem.

(meanwhile a few feet away in a police car)

Police Man: These are some damn good jelly donuts. Wait, those kids aren?t

supposed to be there. (He jumped out of his car with the gun and started chasing

Jerome and Pablo)

Pablo: RUN!

Narrator: The police man started catching up to Jerome but fortunately he tripped over

a wandering off chicken. Pablo and Jerome hid an a garbage dump for 3 hours.

Police Man: You freakin? chicken. There aren?t supposed to be chickens in a city.

Narrator: After 3 hours Pablo felt something. It was a garbage truck taking them away.

They both got to the garbage dump and they both went home.

(Jerome gets home)

Jerome: Hey Mom!

Mom: You smell like manure. Are you okay Jerome? I?ve been worried about you


Jerome: I?m fine, nothing to worry about. I am just under a lot of pressure playing


Mom: Can I make you some chicken soup?

Jerome: No thanks, I?ve gotta? go to school.

Narrator: On the way to school Jerome starts to sniff some more crack. After school

Jerome had a basketball game.

(In the locker room)

Jerome: Hey guys, I?m not feeling so well. I?m not sure if I can play.

Muhmud: But we need you, you?re our best player

Ho: Yeah, without you we?re toast.

Jerome: All right, I guess so.

(At the game)

Announcer: And another airball by Jerome Brown. There is definitely something

wrong with him tonight. And the final seconds tick down.

(Buzzer Sound)

Announcer: The sea monkeys defeat Kennedy 101-65, quite a pathetic effort by


(In locker room)

Jerome: I played horrible.

Muhmud: I?m sorry I asked you to play, you really are sick.

Ho: You don?t look so good.

(Suddenly, Jerome collapses on the locker room floor, all the players crowd around to

try to help)

Ho: Call 911

(At hospital)

Mom: Look! He?s waking up! Give him some room

Jerome: (struggling to speak) Wha……What happened?

Mom: Shh, you?re okay now, try and get some rest.

Jerome: How long was I out?

Mom: Since after the game last night.

Doctor: Ms. Brown, your son?s tests are in. I?d like to speak to you outside for a


Mom: Sure.

(They step into the hallway)

Doctor: We found high levels of cocaine in your son?s blood. That is why he


Mom: My son?! With his basketball career?! Are you sure you didn?t make a mistake

or something?!

Doctor: I?m positive.

Mom: Is there anything that I can do?

Doctor: Well, there are several rehabilitation centers in this area.

Narrator: Jerome went to a drug rehabilitation facility for 4 months and although he

was kicked off the basketball team, he still practiced and got better. He gave up

selling and using drugs altogether.

(two weeks after Jerome gets back from the rehab center, walking down street)

Muhmud: That movie was great, it reminded me of my old country.

Jerome: Yeah, it figures you would like it. What did you think Ho?

Ho: Well, it was o- (He is interrupted by Pablo Rivera)

Pablo: Jerome, where?s my money?

Jerome: What money?

Pablo: From 4 months ago.

Jerome: I never sold the stuff, I?m not into that any more.

Pablo: Give me the $200 or face the consequences.

Jerome: I don?t got it.

Pablo: Well then, here comes the consequences. (Pablo pulls out a gun and points it

at Jerome?s head)

Jerome: No! Give me more time!

Pablo: You?ve got three days. (Pablo runs away)

Ho: What are you going to do?

Jerome: I?m going to have to find some way to earn $200

Muhmud: How?

Jerome: I have no idea.

Narrator: Jerome tried for two days to earn the money but it was useless, all that he

could earn was $23.02 and a bag of moldy peanuts

(Jerome is walking home from school when an old car with tinted windows drives by

and starts firing, killing Jerome instantly, the car sped off.)

Neighbor: I say, what?s all that ruckus out there? (neighbor looks out and sees Jerome

dead and bloody)

Neighbor: Help! Help! Somebody help him! (he runs to the phone and calls 911)

Operator: 911, emergency.

Neighbor: I need help, there is a shot boy outside of my house.

Operator: What is your address?

Neighbor: 833 JoMama street.

(Ambulances come and take Jerome away in a body bag)

(At the funeral)

Mom: (Crying) I can?t believe he?s gone. He was so happy until he met up with drugs.

If only I could?ve warned him.

Narrator: Jerome was a great loss to his friends, family, and teammates. He taughta

valuable lesson in life but had to give up his life in the process.

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