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Chromosomes, Genes And Alleles Essay, Research Paper

What is a eukaryote chromosone made from? DNA and protein State that chromosomes can be stained to show banding State that chromosone structure and banding can be used to arrange the

chromosomes in their pairs Describe one application of karyotyping Karyotyping can be used not only to diagnose aneuploidy, which is responsible

for Down, Turner’s, and Klinefelter’s syndromes, but also to identify the

chromosomal aberrations associated with solid tumours such as Wilms’ tumour,

meningioma, neuroblastoma, retinoblastoma, renal-cell carcinoma, small-cell lung

cancer, and certain leukemias and lymphomas. Define Gene An heritable factor that controls a specific characteristic, consiting of a

length of DNA occupying a position on a chromosone known as a locus. Define allele One specific form of a gene, differing from other alleles by one or a few

bases only and occupying the same gene locus as other alleles of the gene Define genome The total genetic material of an organelle, cell or organism

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