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Non-Revolutionary Theory Essay, Research Paper

The Non-Revolutionary Theory

A revolution is a major change in the existence of life. This war being

a revolution is something that I do not agree with. I think that a revolution is

some change that is a change that effects the whole world or changes the

whole world. An example would be when the dinosaurs went out. That is a

major change and it did effect the whole world. Or when the sun dies out,

the existence of life would change and people all around the world would

have to change the way they live their lives.

The Revolutionary War was not such a major change throughout the

world. Yes, it was a very big change for the new Americans and England,

but it didn’t effect the world as much as a few of the other catastrophes

would. One of the best reasons I have to support my reasoning is what the

Americans wanted. They wanted their colonies to be about the same as

England was. They only wanted to make minor changes not major. But

England probably realized this and wanted to make America worse than them

so they taxed them on a lot of things. England tried to change America and

they did do it but the end result was not enough. These changes to me, are

definitely not enough to be a revolution.

If a revolution was base on a smaller criteria this could have been a

revolution. Or if a revolution was based on time I could easily say it would

be The Progressive Theory. But, I would base a revolution upon such things

as: did the world change, were people all over the world effected, and did it

change the existence of life. I totally give my vote to The Non-Revolutionary

Theory, and I would stand by my choice 100%.

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