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Controlling Immigration Essay, Research Paper

With the many different groups of people coming to this country in search of a better life. I believe that we should better control Immigration to the U.S.. Since I am born native to the U.S. it is hard for me to say that others are not allowed to come into the U.S. But throughout this report there is evidence why control of immigration is needed. It is shown in these instances; lack of jobs, illegal immigration, hiring of illegal immigrants, and illegal immigrants who can’t find a job usually turns to crime. There is already a lack of jobs in the U.S. already, illegal Immigration just makes it worse. The Hiring of the illegal immigrants for less than minimum wage, allows businesses to break the law and have “sweatshops” and it also takes away from legal immigrants looking for a job. And last but not least the most important. Illegal immigrants turning to crime. Many illegal immigrants turn to crime when the cannot find a job. This is a big problem in our society today. These reasons are well supported below to support controlling of immigration.

There are thousands of immigrants coming to the U.S. every day. A lot of these immigrants are illegal aliens coming to the U.S. to find jobs. Whenever we catch illegal crossing our borders, we should send them right back and that would be the end of the story. Instead we are bringing them to camps to wait until the government finds out what to do with them. With so many immigrants coming over everyday, the U.S. lets people out of these camps and let them into our society so we can fit the new people who are coming over here in the camps.

It is estimated that 4 million illegal aliens are living in the U.S. right now. (U.S. Studies)That means that the government has no idea who these people are or where they are. That is why the U.S. government needs to spend more money and stop immigrants at the border. If the United States didn’t let any of these people in this country, we would still have people without jobs. So its not like we need these people in our country. In Mexico 60 percent of its labor force is unemployed(U.S. Studies). So a lot of these people think that there are jobs for them in the U.S., but there aren’t.

It is hard for illegal immigrants who can’t prove that they are legal workers to find jobs. Some employers know from the start that the person they hired is illegal and just hire them because they will work for minimum wage or even less. To try to get voluntary compliance to not hire illegal, the INS contacted 800,000 employers and gave warnings to only 2,200 of these employers. Then out of the 800,000 employers who got contacted, the INS only fined 100 businesses. (U.S. Studies)Only one question comes to mind when you think about these numbers, why didn’t the other thousands of people get fined. Since it is hard for poor legal immigrants to get jobs, they sometimes have to take hard, long, gardening type of jobs. A lot of immigrants will do just about anything so they can eat and there family won’t starve.

When all of these immigrants come over to this country in search of jobs and can’t find any, sometimes they turn to crime. Deportable illegal aliens make up 26 percent of all inmates in Federal Prisons. 1 out of 4 illegal immigrants are in our prisons and we have to pay for them to stay there. If we get more security and never let these people get into the country, it would save the government a bundle because they wouldn’t have to pay to keep building more prisons. The World Trade Center bombing just a couple of years ago had immigrants linked in some way. This terrible incident would have never happened if they were told to go back where they came from.

In conclusion I believe that Illegal Immigrants should have to go back where they came from. I don’t mean this in a racist or harsh way but it reminds me of the kid that cuts in line. These illegal immigrants cut in line to get green papers, and got away with it. This cant be happening in our society today. I hope the Government finds a solution for this problem.

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