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The Church played an important role in Midevil times, God was a part of most peoples lives, and for some, gave them a reason to keep their head up. The Surfs led a hard life, if it wasn’t for God, they wouldn’t have an after-life to look forward to. One of the most important roles the Church played was providing food and shelter to the poor, the sick and the travelers.

Life in the monastery was pretty busy. The monks start the day with prayers and chores. After their chores, they begin their studies – most of them would be copying books. Later they would farm in the fields. In the evening they’d have a light supper and end the day by praying and singing hymns. They would pray seven times throughout the day. Living in a monastery would bring happiness to the monks in their belief that God was on their side, and that God would provide them with everything they need, and they would join him in Heaven when it was their time to die. By helping people, they probably felt pretty good about themselves. On the down side, they had to live by strict rules. They could not love pleasure, couldn’t laugh, be proud, become angry or show a temper. If someone were to insult them, they would in return have to give praise.

The church played a part in the education. Some parish priests ran schools, while Monks and Nuns set some up. They also copied and preserved writings of the ancient world. In the movie, Agenal – the kid, is tutored by his master.

The church also provided social services. As mentioned above they looked after the poor and sick, tried to end feudal warfare, and provided food, clothing, and shelter. In the movie we saw the church giving food to the poor, and providing shelter for the girl.

For political power, the church had courts, Popes claimed authority over all secular rulers. Churchmen – bishops and archbishops were usually nobles and got their own land. Churchmen were the only educated so they got high government positions. In the movie, we see the church court. Two men were chosen to say whether the person was innocent or guilty, and if guilty the person would be sentenced.

The church?s methods of control were the Benedictine Rule, the Canon law – if disobeyed the person would be excommunicated. They outlawed marriage for priests, and prohibited simony (selling church offices). If a person was guilty of something, they may be burned at the cross or tortured.

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