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Why Have You Chosen Clemson And Why Should We Choose You Essay, Research Paper

Why Have You Chosen Clemson and Why Should We Choose You

Clemson is a great school. I have always dreamed of going there. Clemson is an electrifying college. There are many things about Clemson that make me want to go there: the location, environment, alumni, students, etc.

When I walk on the campus I get a feeling of confidence and dignity. Clemson is the college of my choice.

The history of Clemson University is very interesting. Thomas Green Clemson founded the prestigious college. Thomas was from Pennsylvania. Thomas Clemson married Anna Maria Calhoun-daughter of John C. Calhoun.

(John C. Calhoun is said to be related to me.) Thomas was once caught saying that the south is poor and uneducated. When he died in 1888 people in the south took what Thomas said to heart. It set forth the start of a new era of education in

the south. Clemson University formally opened in 1893 as an all male military school. It stayed that way until 1955. Today Clemson is a very dignified college. If only Thomas Green Clemson was alive today to see how great the south is now

because of Clemson University.

The location of Clemson University is also great. Some people say that Clemson is in the middle of no where, and in a sense they are right. People say that in the big cities are where all of the fun and action take place, but

that is all in a matter of opinion. You see, Clemson is in Pickens County, South Carolina. Pickens County-which is lakes and mountains country-is a remote place compared to a big city like Columbia, South Carolina. What those people don’t

know is how fun the lake can be in the summer. You can ski, fish, swim, or whatever else you can think of to do in the lake. In the fall the leaves turn up in the mountains. It is a beautiful site, especially if you’ve never witnessed it before.

These are all good reasons why Clemson is in a good location, but the main reason for me is that it is close to home. Clemson is only about ten minutes away from my house. Clemson’s location is really convenient for me.

Clemson University has a sensational campus environment. The Clemson students are fun to be around. I have some friends that go to Clemson so when I go to visit them I meet now people. The Clemson fans (alumni,

students, etc.) are the most rousing around. In my opinion they are the best in the entire nation-especially because I’m one of them. Clemson’s students and fans are thrilling.

All of my life I have dreamed of going to Clemson and being the first in my family to go to college. Clemson University has always been the number one choice on my college list. I’ve been to some of the sporting events at

Clemson and let me tell you something, there are no fans like Clemson fans. They are the loudest, rowdiest, and most fun fans in the entire world. I’ve been to three baseball camps that Head Coach Jack Legget offers, and after staying on campus

for a total of three weeks I fell in love with Clemson even more. Clemson University is the greatest college in the world, and I love it!

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