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Animorphs Essay, Research Paper

One of my favorite books is Animorphs#7 The Stranger. It’s about five kids who have the power to morph. In other

words they can change into any animal they touch. By touch I mean they absorb a strand of the animal’s DNA. Then,

from the DNA, they are able to create an exact copy of the animal and take on the copy. They can change into any animal

they touch. There is a series of these books. In this book they find an entrance to a Yeerk pool, a necessity of their alien

enemies, the Yeerks. Once inside they creep around, as roaches, to see if they can pick up any information about the

location of the Yeerks’ Kandrona, a portable version of the Yeerks’ home sun, which is also a necessity, so they can

destroy it. However they don’t count on being a Taxxon delicacy. The Taxxons are allies of the Yeerks. Just as the

Animorphs, Jake, Rachel, Marco, Cassie, and their alien friend Ax, are about to be devoured, time itself stops, except for

the Animorphs. Then they meet an Ellimist, a creature who is woven into time and space itself, who stopped time to ask

the Animorphs to decide the fate of the human race. They can either go to another planet and leave Earth to the Yeerks or

they can stay and fight. When the decision to stay is made the Ellimist puts them back on the Taxxon’s tongue. Somehow,

they manage to get out of the Yeerk pool in one piece.

A couple days later, they meet in the woods around Cassie’s house and are having conversation about reconsidering the

Ellimist’s offer. Suddenly they are zapped into a possible future. There they walk and look around freely, since everyone is

a Controller, a creature controlled by a Yeerk. See Yeerks are parasites. They infest a creature’s brain and take over its

body. The creature is still there, but it can do nothing. Back to the story. While the Animorphs are walking around they

come upon a HUGE Yeerk pool. It was more like a lake. You could have ridden a boat around in it and you wouldn’t

look out of place. A Bug Fighter then lands near the Yeerk pool. A Bug Fighter is the smallest kind of spaceship the

Yeerks have. Rachel, an Animorph, feels drawn to the Bug Fighter, so she and Ax walk over to it. Since everyone thinks

Ax is Visser One, the most powerful Yeerk, everyone stays out of their way. Then the real Visser One steps out, along

with another Rachel who is a Controller. After Rachel knocks Visser One down, as a bear, they are transported back to

the present by the Ellimist. That night Rachel has a dream and figures out where the Kandrona is. After gathering everyone

up, they go to the EGS Tower. Next they morph into their dangerous animals and break in and go to the top floor. There

they go into a room where eight Hork Bajir Controllers are guarding the Kandrona.Hork Bajir are aliens taken over by

the Yeerks. After a huge battle The Animorphs go into another room where the Kandrona is. Then they go home,with a



Animorphs, The Stragegy

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