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Orient Express Essay, Research Paper

A twenty year old pitcher named Chan Ho Park is in the Korean baseball league

on the L.A. Dodgers recruiting team. Every scout was scared to recruit him because of

him being foreign, but when they did he was well worth it. While Park is working with

the Dodgers Makoto Suzuki is impressing all of the Mariners in Seattle. Both of these

pitchers are supposed to sign and start the season in the minors but Suzuki is so

impressive that they are thinking about starting him off in the majors. Park?s

controversial pitching style makes umpires and baseball officials wonder if it is legal.

What he does is an old Korean pitching style that has a slight pause in his kickback of

about two to five seconds and that is supposed to distract the batter. During an exhibition

Park did his delayed pitch and the Expo bench ?erupted in shouts for him to get out of the

box? and after the game the Expo coach Dallas Green said that ?if he tries that during the

regular season his batters will walk out of the box.?

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