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Can Hatred be Stopped

There was a time when his light blue eyes were clear; like, a bright blue sky on a warm summer day. Not any more though, gray clouds seem to have set in his eyes. Everyone could see the hatred in them. It was so strong that anyone near him could feel it. Before he joined the cult he was my best friend; yet, it now seems as if we are worlds apart. Someone once said |Money is the root of all evil.X Today it seems more appropriate to say that hatred is the root of all evil. Today, America has a great problem with the way teenagers deal with hate; however, there are many ways to solve the problem

Hatred leads to many of America+s greatest problems such as: gangs, cults, and racism. According to a 1991 survay there are an estimated 321,458 gang or cult members in America. Many people think that racism has died out, but, a recent murder in Denver, Co. proves that to be untrue. A group of skin heads killed an innocent black man. A woman who rushed to his rescue was shot and paralyzed. Skinheads hate and one who is not white; just as, gangs hate anyone who is in a rival gang. That is how hatred leads to gangs cults and racism.

Although these problems are bad, there are many solutions. The Detroit Police Department decided that they needed to give young gang members attention and something to do. The department started a basketball league. The league helped lower gang related violence and keep gangsters of the streets at night. The New Orleans Police Department started a program for youth who had already been convicted of a felony. The teenagers were forced to help pick up the streets, communicate with others about the dangers of gang life, and patrol with police officers. If the teenagers did not do this they would have to serve time in jail. This program also seemed to work. These are some things police departments can do to help.

Many people think that traits come from the way a person is raised. If a person is racist it is likely that their parents and grandparents maybe racist also. A child psychologist said | The most important time to influence your child is in it+s first three months of life.X Parents should be more aware of this fact. If parents can start teaching a child when they are young to push hate then maybe America wouldn+t have such a large problem. That is what parents can do to prevent their children from joining such gangs and hate groups.

America has a big problem with the way teenagers chose to deal with hate; although, we have found many solutions to the problem. If this country, as a whole, works at it. we can help. Can every person be saved from hatred? Only the future holds that answer. But, if we can just start somewhere; like, the boy at the beginning of this essay. Then maybe, just maybe, the gray clouds will clear from his beautiful blue eyes. Maybe, he will once again be my best friend.

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