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Hellen Keller Essay, Research Paper

Hellen Adams Kellar was born on June 27, 1880, in Tuscumbia, Alabama. She became ill with a fever and was robbed of sight and sound when she was nineteen months old.

Helen was taught to communicate by Anne Mansfield Sullivan. Anne Sullivan taught Hellen the word water but she had forgotton that word. On the same day she learned thirty other words.

Hellen’s parents, Captain Author and Kate Keller, thought alot about improving Helen’s situation.

Helen was determined to go to college: “It was my right as well as my duty,” Hellen Keller later said, “to complete my college career so as to demonstrate how doubly handicapped children could be developed.” Hellen prepared at Cambridge for young ladies and began Radcliffe in 1890. Anne Sullivan spelled book after book to Hellen until she graduated in 1904. She became the first blind-deaf person to graduate from college. Hellen devoted herself to the service of humanity for the next fifty years.

While still a student Hellen began a writing career. She wrote “The Story of My Life,” which is written in over fifty languages. She wrote 13 books and was a frequent contributer to magazines and newspapers.

Hellen recieved awards for the blinds everywhere. The awards came from Brazil, Japan, Philippines, and She got a medal of freedom.

Hellen was as interseted in welfare of blind people in every country just not hers.

Hellen was 36 when she fell in love with Peter Fagon a 29-year- old newspaperman. The couple had a secret wedding but a Boston reporter found out and his article broke the love affair. Miss Keller said “If I could see I would marry first of all.”

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