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Exercise Essay, Research Paper

I think that exercise is one of the most important elements for having a good healthy life. For some people exercise is very difficult because people are not used to exercise in a regular basis. Personally, I had tried to exercise in a regular basis, but it is very hard for me to do so. I had a time were I used to do 20 crunches everyday, but as time when on I lost my interested on exercise. With this Personal Health course, I want to learn about the exercise routine, and how to keep myself in shape.

Exercise is sometimes very confusing to many people. Sometimes people have questions like, How can exercise be good for people’s health when it makes you so tired? Many don’t have answers to this question, and I want to know the answer by taking this Health course. Doctors often tell their patients that doing exercise on a regular basis will help them with their hearts, especially if the patient is after 50 years of age. Some patients don’t understand how can exercise make the heart stronger when it actually makes the person more tired.

I guess with this Health course I hope to learn the secrets to a healthy life, and to try to exercise in a better way. I also would like to learn how to keep living day by day without jeopardizing my health. Even if there is, plenty of prove that exercise does help people to live a healthy life, I still want to know about exercising. And I hope that with this Health course I will be find answer to my questions.

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