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The Phantom Essay, Research Paper


Summary: This book is about a girl that has lost her boyfriend. Her name is Jilly she is a cheerleader. She was in love with the person he got killed by a spinal injury playing football. After the spinal injury two weeks later he died in a comma. He was the quarter back for the team he was the best. Jilly was sad she had to go back to school. The new season had started again. Everybody still remembered Reggie Westerman. The pep rally had begun again a new Q.b. The time everyone was excited but, ?The back curtain opened and a person no one excepted to see ever again was there. Number nine Reggie westerman?. Everybody was quite but the coach started cheering for Reggie to regain the crowd. Amelia, Jilly best friend thought that the coach did this to pump up the crowd after a while the football got a new Q.B. Garth. This was Reggie?s best friend and was with Amelia at the time. Jilly was going out with a person named Gumby that was he?s nickname. It all started at home when she got threat letters from a person she didn?t know. Next week it happened again Jilly was cheerleading at a football game when they saw Reggie ghost there at the middle of the field

The game was stopped. At this time people had forgotten about Reggie because Garth was really good at Q.B. Jilly was kind of upset . A day later Garth found a note on he?s boat that said meet at the school lockers and a fate well be dealt out. When Garth went there all the lights were out and he heard a voice say your death is near. Later that night they had a bonfire. Jilly, Gumby, Amelia, and Garth went there at the beach but when they went swimming they saw Reggie ghost they chased it but it disappeared. When they went to school next day they saw seaweed at the place were Reggie uniform stands. A couple of days later when it was away game for football Jilly decided not to go there but while Mel and Garth were talking in the football locker room an getting dress Mel asked Garth if he could borrow he?s shoulder pads because he?s were broken Garth said it was ok but when Mel put on the shoulder pads when he got on the field he fell on the ground the shoulder pads had little needles with poison on them. Mel was dead. The ambulance took Mel Garth decided to drive home with Amelia. While they were driving home some was step in front of there car it was to much fog to tell who it was but Garth turned and crashed and flipped over the ambulance came they took them to the hospital. When she got out she was going to Jilly house when she saw Jilly coming out in Reggie?s uniform she called the cops they picked her up. Jilly explained why she did it. She said she didn?t want anybody to forget about Reggie. She tried to kill Garth because he was getting better than Reggie and she didn?t want that to happen.

Response to the Novel: The book was pretty good I disliked because she didn?t finish off the job. It really didn?t make me think of nothing the characters were ok But they shouldn?t had Amelia she really didn?t make any use in the story.

Rating: If I had to rate this book I would give it a seven out of ten. It was ok book I?ve read better. I think it should have been I real ghost so no one could found out who did it.

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