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Me As I See Myself Essay, Research Paper

?Me, As I See Myself?

Three personality traits that describe me are hard working, truthful, and trustworthy. I believe that these three characteristics are a credit to any person who possesses them, and I believe that I exemplify these traits fully.

I see myself as a kind and generous person. I?m not the best one to be friends with, but I think I?m pretty close to it.

Say someone needed a pencil, I would give it to him or her if I had one.

I am not the best in sports, but I would try even if I didn?t know how to play the game.

I would say I?m an average kid is school. I try to get a lot of A?s in class, but sometimes it doesn?t always work out the way I plan, but that doesn?t stop me from being the best that I can possibly be. The most important choice a student may have in school is whether to cheat or not. To me, cheating is a form of lying. When a student receives a test paper back from his/her teacher, the number at the top of the paper means, “Mr./Mrs. teacher, I did all of my homework and studied as hard as I could. I learned enough to earn a 97.” But if a student cheats: “Mr./Mrs. teacher, I didn’t do any of the homework and didn’t study at all. Luckily, my friend had the same tests this morning. I memorized enough of the multiple-choice letters to earn a 97.”

Learning is what is important in school to me. I don’t want to take a class to get a grade; I want to take it to learn information. If I study diligently and get an A on a test, that is my reward for hard work. If I forget to study and get a C, that is my reminder that I should prepare better for the next test. Truthfulness is the most important choice a student can make.

Trust is the largest unknown there is. “Faith” is no more than trust in God. The first question that my parents asked themselves when they leave to go out to dinner or something is, “Can I trust him?” Seeing how important trust is to my parents has allowed me to evaluate how important trust is to me.

I also have a sense of adventure. I like to explore new territories, maybe one day I can go to Italy, were I wanted to go since I was 7 years old. I am also into computers. I like to surf the web and find people to talk to from all over the world. I guess this makes me very sociable.

One of my favorite Quotes that is really important, I think is:

?If you think you can, you can,

If you think you can?t, your right.?

-Mary K. Ash

This Quote is very important I think because if you think you can?t do something, your not even going to try to do it.

I think of myself as a wonderful person, and I really don?t care if anyone else agrees with me or not. I am who I am and I?m not going to change that for anyone, anywhere.

I have come to the conclusion that the ability to be trusted is the most important characteristic a person can possess. Can I trust you to be disciplined? Can I trust you to do what is right because it is right? Can I trust you to not do what is wrong because it is wrong? I make those choices everyday, and I do my best to be trustworthy.

Life is a constant battle. If you have become better than you were yesterday, then you have won. If you have stayed the same, you have lost. Three character traits that help a person to win this battle are being hard working, truthful, and trustworthy. I am very fortunate that I have these traits in me.

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