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Meaningless Tasks Essay, Research Paper

The Tenth annual Meaningless Task Awards are approaching us quickly. There have been many people I have scrutinized for this award. After looking at all of the aspects of these people, I have chosen one person I believe to be the best candidate. The person I have chosen is Monika Lewinsky.

I looked at many different aspects of many people. I looked at how much attention the person received compared to the importance of the act. I looked to see if the person had any prior actions similar to this, in which they were popular in the world for. Finally, I looked at how the person acted after the popularity was gained.

Everyone in the world knows what Monika Lewinsky did. There are people all over the world cheating in their marriages. However, only one person who has done this act has been more talked about than Monica Lewinsky. Out of the other candidate I looked at, her act, to me seemed to get the most attention for the meaningless task. She had the whole country talking about her for a couple of years, for doing basically nothing different than many other people do everyday. Not only did America spend its time talking about Monica Lewinsky, we also paid millions of dollars in the end.

Monika Lewinsky has never been known in this world before she was caught up with our president. She was the only person I looked at that had gained so much popularity that hadn t even been known before.

Monika Lewinsky, who had never been known before this, took advantage of the times. She made this into a little soap opera. She had stories to tell, talk shows to go on, and books to write. All of this, for a meaningless task.

It s obvious that Monika Lewinsky should be the winner of the tenth annual Meaningless Task Awards this year. No one else was talked about, or payed as much attention to, for basically doing nothing. I urge the committee to vote for her, since she will probably not just be talked about now, but for many years.

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