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Taoism Essay, Research Paper

Taoism Essay

Did you know that there is a legend that a baby actually stayed in the womb for 62 years? Taoists believe that the founder was born an old wise man. They believe that the founder wrote a text and put all of his wisdom in it. Most of the people who believe in this are people who live in China. Taoists have tenets and rules that they stand by and believe in.

The founder of Taoism was Lao Tzu. Lao Tzu means “Old Master” or “Ancient One.” The legend says that he stayed in his mothers womb for 62 years and was born an old wise man. He lived during the time of c300 or 400bc. Lao Tzu lived in china and he wanted to leave, because of all the chaos and he wasn’t very comfortable there. When he tried to leave China the gatekeeper would not let him leave. The gatekeeper recognized Lao Tzu’s wisdom and wanted him to use it.

The legend of the text is that the gatekeeper made Lao Tzu sit down and write some words of wisdom. The gatekeeper would not let him leave China without writing the words of wisdom. Lao Tzu ended up staying in China until he was 160-200 years old. He wrote 5000 words of wisdom in the text. The text is called, “Tao Te Ching,” which means “the way and it’s power.” The

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