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Les Miserables Essay, Research Paper

Can we really say we know what a hard life is? The character Fantine in Les Miserables definitely had a hard life, with no breaks. She had a daughter who she adored and never got to see. She worked most of her life and always lived in poverty. Death came upon Fantine while she was in the hospital wishing only to see her child.

First, working, for anyone is no easy task. It’s especially hard when you have a child. Fantine felt very bad that she couldn’t give her baby daughter, Cosette, everything she deserved. One day when Fantine was passing by an Inn she met a woman who had children of her own. Fantine asked if she could leave her child with them and would pay. With that done, Fantine moved on, leaving Cosette with people she believed would take care of her. This was so hard for her, for any mother, and she knew she wouldn’t see her again for a very long time.

Secongly, although Fantine didn’t get to be with Cosette and raise her, she still had to pay for her staying with the better family (So she thought they were). They would make her pay more and more everytime saying Cosette needed more clothes or other excuses. Fantine of course would do anything for her daughter and sent more money, leaving herself dead broke and in poverty. She had nothing for herself, but she didn’t care because she was giving her child “the best.” She even turned to prostitution to make money.

Finally Fantine, after working and doing anything to make money and still living in poverty, fell ill. She was hospitalized and Valjean would take care of her from time to time. Her only wish was to see her child she loved so much. She was only living to see her. Sadly, though, she died without ever getting to see her beloved Cosette. Fantine not only died miserable, sick and poor, but heart broken too.

In conclusion, Fantine’s life is definitely an example of a hard tragic life. She worked hard to support her child and saved herself nothing. She did whatever needed to make the pay for Cosette, even if that was prostitution. All she wanted to do in the end of her life was see her child, and never go to. This poor, sick woman died so unhappy with out ever seeing her baby girl.

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