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Dianne Day Essay, Research Paper

Dianne Day isn t as famous as Mary Higgins Clark but she had a childhood similar to her. When she was a baby in Mississippi her father died. Dianne went on to live with her grandparents and they also were not a well-financed family. When Dianne was seven she rejoined her mother was now remarried.

At age eight, a little more than a year after she reunited with her mother in San Francisco she wrote her first novel. It was thirty-five pages long. The inspiration for writing led to a B.A. in English which she acquired when she Graduated Stanford University.

Next she married and moved to Massachusetts. Their Day had two sons. When Dianne got divorced she got a job teaching to support her two sons. Dianne didn t start writing until the younger of the two sons went to college.

It didn t take Dianne quite as long as Higgins to get her worked published. After one rejection Days second novel was published. She wrote numerous novels under pseudonym. Dianne had two pen names, one was Madelyn Sanders and the other one was Diane Bane.

Eventually in 1995 she released her first mystery novel, The Strange Files of Fremont Jones, and even used her real name, Dianne Day. The fictitious character Fremont life of moving around the US is like Dianne s actual experiences. Like Day, Jones moves from east to San Francisco and then from San Francisco to Massachusetts.

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