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Explain The Nature And Purpose Of Cinema Trailers. Essay, Research Paper

Cinema trailers are shown as publicity for a certain film,

they attempt to encourage the viewers to watch the film that they are

advertising. The way in which this is done can vary a great deal but every

trailer I have come across seems to basically show in my opinion the most

exiting parts of the film. Basically those parts were you want to see more to

know what happens next, this is a skill of publicity gained in different ways

by the producers of trailers. The producers have certain ways of producing a

great trailer for even the worst of films; they use sound and many different

camera techniques to gain the viewer?s interest in a certain film. Cinema

trailers are often the most important and best way of advertising a new film,

whether they are successful or not depends upon how well they are made using

the basic skills of media. Trailers are basically the bait to a film, and if the bait

is good enough the big fish will be caught! and the film will be a hit. Film

producers only have one shot at making it big with there film. They can?t

restart the whole film that is why the film depends greatly upon good publicity

and its trailer to sell it to the audience. There are many aspects, which have

to be taken into consideration when producing and showing a trailer. The

correct audience known as the target audience has to be approached at the right

times by the trailer. This is often achieved quite well in the cinema, by

showing a trailer with the same type of genre and for the same sort of age

boundary as the main feature. Films are often released in different countries

so the marketing campaign will have to change its approach to adapt to

different cultures; this is often gained by changing images and sound for the

campaigns and trailers. The marketing industry in charge for each specific

trailer has to consider their competition at the time and they have to be better

to have a high profile in the cinema circuit. This can be done in many

different ways using different skills and techniques one of which is known as a

teaser campaign. This aims to give the public as little information about a

film as possible and from this the producers intend to cause us as viewers to

become curious and therefore watch the film. ????????? The first

trailer I watched was one for the film Mission Impossible 2.The opening shot of

this trailer immediately implies that the film has an action genre. The opening

shot is a tracking shot, which shows us the main actor in the film Tom Cruise

hanging from a cliff in the middle of no where. The sound effects for this

scene have been chosen very carefully and they make sure the audience knows

this is an action film by them creating an intense atmosphere with fast and

furious sounds. There is also a very dominating over voice throughout the

trailer which tells the main actor what he is to do it sort of briefs him on

his missions. The sequence of shots used in this trailer are very good and work

well with the genre of the film. The close up shot of the glasses exploding on

to the screen certainly shows off the special effects and this adds to the

intensity of the films action. The name of the main actor in this film is shown

before the title of the film. This tells us that the producers are using the actor

as a main selling point for the film. This is a very good skill to use when the

film is starring a well-known actor because many people go and watch a film

just because a good actor is in it. In this case the actor is Tom Cruise and

his name smashes on to the screen in a close up shot. The title of the film is

shown at the end of the trailer. It zooms into the centre of the screen using a

close up shot to imply its importance and shows that the film is a sequel by

the title being abbreviated into a sort of code name which is MI2. I have

watched this trailer a few times and it has certainly made me want to watch the

film mostly due to it expressing the genre of the film very well, from the

trailer I can certainly see that the film is going to be fast and full of

action and challenges. This trailer is certainly aimed at a particular audience,

which is the audience who like fast action films generally being teens and men.

The film also seems to contain a lot of violence according to the trailer so I wouldn?t

recommend it to the most sensitive of people. Overall this trailer has been a

hit with me due to the fact that it has encouraged me to watch the film even

know I haven?t seen the first part to it (MI1). ????????? The second trailer I chose to analyse

was that for Chicken Run. The opening shot of this trailer immediately determines

the genre of the film to be a comedy. The opening shot shows a women, quite an

evil looking character checking up on a bunch of chickens that seem to be

acting very mischievously. This film is an animated sort of cartoon type of

film and the characters in it certainly show it?s a comedy. There are all sorts

of different camera angles used throughout this trailer. My favourite is the

long shot showing a chicken being catapulted through the air and then the shot

becomes a close up when the chicken splats into the fencing, this implies the

film is a comedy very well. This trailer always seems to focus in on the very

comical scenes in the film. The scenes which tend to make us the audience laugh

a lot these scenes are put together one after the other. The special effects in

this trailer are mostly obtained using a computer due to the fact that it is an

animated film. The choice of music for the trailer is a well-known piece, which

implies escape and adventurous mischief. The voice over in this trailer just

basically tells us important points of the film like the famous voices used for

the characters. The title for this film hits us right at the end of the film

this is basically a skill used so we will remember the title of the film. The

stars in this film who do the voices for the characters are used very well only

the big names like Mel Gibson are told to us in the trailer. These big stars

are used to do the voices of the main characters in the film. The audience

approached by this trailer mainly seems to be children due to it being an

animated film and a comedy, the film may also appeal to some adults. This

trailer hasn?t really made a very big impression upon me due to the fact that I

don?t like the genre of the film and also I don?t like animated films. I do on

the otherhand feel that the producers have done a very good job on attracting their

target audience by showing many funny scenes in the trailer. ????????? I clearly prefer the trailer for MI2

due to it being for the type of film I enjoy watching. The producers of both

trailers have done a very good job in attracting their target audience and I just

happen to fall into the target audience for MI2 that is why I prefer it. I

would find it too hard to say which is the most professional trailer and does

its job the best. Due to the fact that both trailers obtain a very high quality

of media and do there job to a very high level using all skills which I have

studied so well done. ???

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