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Greek And Roman Arches And Architecture Essay, Research Paper

Architectural designs changed greatly

since the ancient times. Most famous architectures and sculptures

today originated from the Greek and Roman civilizations. Moreover,

some of the inventions from those civilizations are also being used today,

such as the arch, which originated from Roman architecture, and the columns,

which originated from the Greek architecture. Throughout history,

these architectures and inventions have become the foundations for our

buildings, churches, and much more.

The Greek architecture used mainly columns

in most of their temples. The shape of the column was the most significant

architectural factor. There were three types of columns, which were

Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. On these columns would lay a magnificent

centerpiece, which displayed Greek gods or any sort of decorations. On

the other hand, the Romans? architecture used mainly arches, which could

hold much more pressure than a column. Romans also used columns in

their buildings, but only in a decorative form. Arches were made

of stones or bricks and placed on top of each other in a way that it can

form an arch and hold weight upon itself. In most Roman architectures,

such as the Colosseum, there would be a dome over the top to protect from

rain, sun, or any other weather. The dome has a massive weight, so

there has to be something to support it up, and this is where the job of

the arch takes place.

In these Greek and Roman buildings or temples,

there would be sculptures of famous gods and warriors. The Greek

sculptures were also different than the Romans?. The Roman sculptures

had more ?life? in it. In other words, it was more realistic.

Greek sculptures looked stiff and didn?t show much character as the Romans?

sculptures did.

Therefore, in conclusion, Roman civilization

seemed more developed than the Greeks?. They had many positives and

also negatives, but they both were great ancient civilizations considering

they were one of the earliest.

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