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Power Essay, Research Paper

Power is, as anyone will tell you, a tantalizing addiction. The natural human craving for power derives from the simple ideals of a genuflecting mass of humanity; bowing, scraping, praising and carrying out one?s every whim. The sheer exhilaration of controlling, manipulating, and yes, even hurting someone is almost too much for out feeble minds to overcome. Yet we must. For with each passing moment, another innocent is being robbed of his right to govern himself. Another innocent is being told ?no, you can?t? by someone whose warped sense of power has taken control of his reasoning.

Power will always exist, but if we are to co-exist with it, we must learn not to use it to or advantage. Not to use it to tear down the morality and self-esteem of others. Not to bear it down upon the misfortunate.

Power is a weapon best wielded by an infant, for he has not yet been introduced to the corruptness of its evil taint. Yes, power is a tantalizing addiction, but it is an addiction we must learn to control within ourselves if we want our civilization to ever reach it?s full potential.

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