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Hacktivists Essay, Research Paper


It seems like, for the first time ever, young people have power. And using this power to try to change for the better is an amazing thing. I think that the combination of hackers and activists is a really powerful movement. Its no longer small demonstrations that don?t even get media coverage. These new ways of protest cannot be ignored.

I really think its great that with such power, these hackers are not destroying information, or crashing computers. They are transferring messages, and in some cases even helping the sites they hack. I personally don?t agree with the flood net program, but that?s just one of many hack methods. Just simply changing false information or lies, into fact, is a great way of hacktivism.

I think that governments all over the world are realizing that anything on the net is basically open to the public, or at least good hackers. Hackers have the power to destroy government files, or make them public, or any number of things, and they don?t, they choose to peacefully protest in most cases. This fact in itself has to make the government at lest a little nervous, and may even make them change their actions.

This new revolution, in my opinion, is the future of activism. Information can no longer be kept a secret, and that is becoming clear to everyone. For the first time in the history of the world, young and old are at the same lever, and are both the decision-makers. Hacktivism has come a long way in a short time and I?m sure it?s going to have a lot more impact on this world in the future.

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