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Critical Lense Essay, Research Paper

Critical Lense

American essayist Logan Paersall Smith once said, What I like in a good author is not what he says but what he whispers. I believe this means Logan thinks a good author doesn t always say things directly but uses literary elements like characterization and symbolism to get a message across to the reader.

I feel Logan is correct and William Shakespeare s Othello is a great example. In act three scene three symbolism is shown in the form of Desdemona s handkerchief. Othello is complaining of a headache when Desdemona comes by. She then offers to bind his head with her handkerchief. When Othello refuses the handkerchief drops and the two (unknowingly) leave it behind. The handkerchief was symbolizing the relationship Othello and Desdemona had. Iago had lately been turning Othello against Desdemona and it was destroying their relationship. The handkerchief fell just as their relationship was falling or collapsing.

In another instance Shakespeare uses characterization to whisper . He has shown (through Othello s relationship with Iago) that Othello is too trusting and not smart enough to see through Iago s plot. Shakespeare never states in the book Othello is too trusting and not smart enough to see through Iago s plot . The reader receives that message through the actions and reactions of Othello.

I believe Logan Paersall Smith was correct in his statement and Othello by William Shakespeare is great proof because there aren t many authors that are as good as William Shakespeare.

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