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Teen Smoking Essay, Research Paper

There are many factors that author use in each of their stories to help the reader imagine what the setting look likes. In Pat Conroy, the author describes how the air smells and what the land looks like at different times of the year. This is some of the things that he gives you to help image the setting of the story.

The author writs about the first time the boy ever went to the island. He was amazed with the landscape and how the island had never been urbanized. When he got out of high school they started to urbanize the island. They start to build housing and buy the time his mom moved on the island there was a golf course.

When he established him self on the land his mother had been old. Before she passed on she told him every time you look out in to the water and there is white caps that will be her saying she is with him. So from now on every time he looks at the waves he is reminded of his mom.

Authors have many different ways to right. Some lead you on and others leave u out to hang and you have to guess. The work of this author led you on in the story. You understood what he was trying to get across and he had many details to support that.

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