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The Christian religion, like all other religions has its strengths and

weaknesses in our modern society. Perhaps the strengths out weight the

weaknesses as this is one of the largest religions in the world. Hundreds of

people follow the Catholic/Christian religion yet still a greater number follow

yet other religions. Perhaps this is because they see the weaknesses or perhaps

it is simply because their parents have taught them that it is a sin to follow

this religion.

The Christian religions do however present much more of an appealing atmosphere

than such other religions which are as large as the Christian. The Christian

religion is one of few religions where punishments for sins are not severe. In

the Christian religion, even if you have lived a life of sin, so long as you

repent in the end, you will be saved and given eternal life. This is not so in

other religions. Such religions as Hinduism for instance do not believe this.

For everything you do wrong you will be punished. For every action, there is an

equal and opposite reaction, if not in this life, then the next. Hindu’s also

believe that punishing the body is part of the path to salvation. Christianity

is nothing like this. Many Christians live in high?class society. Christianity

is one of the most appealing in that any sins may easily be corrected and that

Christians may live comfortable, if not wealthy lives without guilt.

Christianity, like other religions though, has many weaknesses. Although as time

goes on, Christianity is slowly evolving and trying to become even more

appealing to society, there are still many downfalls. One thing with

Christianity is that from day one we are given a guilt trip. We are born evil.

We are born with “the original sin”. We are at the mercy of God. If we beg

forgiveness however, it shall be granted. My grandmother for instance has been a

firm believer in the Roman Catholic faith. She, being taught in the old style,

firmly believes in going to confession weekly and begging for forgiveness. It

has been taught to her that man is born evil. All we can do is pray, beg and

hope for forgiveness. With such a guilt upon his sub?conscience, man can never

be truly happy.

Yet another strength with the Christian faith is that it is one of the more

flexible religions. Under the leadership of the pope(s), the Catholic faith has

evolved with modern society and become a more “reasonable” faith. Such practices

as not eating meat on Fridays, and so forth, have been abolished as the

Christian faith has bent to conform with modern society. Some people may see

this as a weakness. This is not so. The Christian religion has modified its

rituals yet the central beliefs have not been altered since the very beginning

of this religion. This is actually quite a good thing. A religion should change

as the modern society does and conform to a more “acceptable” approach to

continue its teachings/practices. This is one great thing about the Christian


A small, often overlooked draw back to the Christian faith is that there is not

any solid proof that Jesus existed. To the Christian faith, Jesus is the central

figure. A Christian will tell you that the Bible is proof that Jesus existed.

The Bible however was written much later, after Jesus’ death. Therefore the

stories contained have been transferred by word of mouth, which has certainly

been distorted and exaggerated. The Shroud of Turin used to be the Christian

religion’s artifact which was believed to be the original shroud that Jesus was

wrapped in when he was buried and therefore solid proof he existed. Recently due

to modern carbon dating, this “artifact” has been proven to have been created

with paint approximately one thousand years after the day Christ died. To a non-

believer, this is a major drawback.

One very strong point about the Catholic/Christian religion is that they

strongly believe in correcting our corrupted world. Many missionaries are sent

yearly to third world countries where they help educate, feed and provide moral

support for a people who have nothing. With such a practice in place, the

Christian religion has put a smile on faces which normally would never know

anything more than tears. Probably one of the greatest features of the Christian

church which helps it survive in modern society is the hierarchy system upon

which this religion is based. Such strong organization structure help this

religion in well organized money distribution, etc. In a modern society, such

structure is necessary.

As one of the largest religions, the Catholic/Christian religion is one of the

great religions which stills lives strongly among us in our increasingly modern

society. Despite its many weaknesses, the Christian faith has even more

strengths upon which its survival is based. Times may change, technology may

advance, but essential beliefs never alter.

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