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Unpoisoned Minds Essay, Research Paper

Unpoisoned minds are people who are safe in the care of others. Safe in the group mind. Safe from

the poison of independence. Safe from the poison of the truth of who they are, or who they could be.

Safe from reality.

They are the manipulator, the blind defender, the denier. Those so insecure their only method of

raising their self-esteem a notch is finding someone submissive enough to take their petty abuses.

They are the cowards who, when controlling someone weak, feel strong.

Unpoisoned minds uphold the status quo of current times. A status quo of insecurity, and

shallowness. They think manipulation is something difficult they’ve mastered, rather than a crutch

for a simple mind.

These are the fad-chasers, the pseudo-weirds, the pretend-evil people. Though if they were

fad-makers, weird, or evil they would stand out in a crowd, these people fit perfectly into their

crowd. They are Team Players, in crowds of one or more. Their fashions – from dress, to body

piercing, to tattooing, are chosen according to what is currently frowned upon, but done by enough

people, so they won’t stand out. Their weirdness is the same. They are ‘evil’ while evil is still the

thing to be. They are those who try to be offensive, nasty, funny in a classless manner. If they make

a vulgar joke and no one laughs, they can say they offended the person. They are too insecure for

anything above bathroom humor.

They claim people are afraid of them, when in truth people ignore or pity them.

“It’s scorn!”, they claim, “People just can’t handle me.”

“They don’t like me because I’m different.”

You and the hundreds like you, right?

It is also people who allow themselves to be the victims of this type of person. People so desperate

to be accepted by anyone, who believe “Everybody needs someone.” so much, they freely give their

life, future, and who they might be, to anyone who claims to love them, or merely pays them

attention. To keep even an abusive partner, they must consider self-reliance, self-worth, and

independence, poison to their minds. Their emotional maturity halted somewhere in puberty.

Like chameleons match their surroundings, these people take on whatever is non-objectionable to

whoever they find themselves with. They will take on the dress, manner, opinions and ideas of the

unpoisoned minds they associate with. They will be with anyone who doesn’t challenge them to

think for themselves. They have no sense of themselves as individuals.

Both types of unpoisoned minds can’t handle competition, as it only shows their weaknesses – real

or imagined. They would rather call the game, even if the game is life, silly, than compete. They

can’t handle making a mistake, even if it’s a simple one which would further their learning. Anyone

pointing out a mistake, is criticizing/bashing them.

If you had one of each type of person, and put them together, it still wouldn’t make a whole human


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