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Of all the beautiful things in this world, there are few things that surpass the images of music in childhood. For most people, our earliest memories are deeply rooted in music. As children begin school, they are ready to begin formal musical training. As a music education major, I am driven to share the joy of music with my future students.

Music education has numerous benefits. Too often, we associate music with ?fun? or ?playtime.? However, I feel, as a music educator, it is my job to tap the musical beauty within children. Music teachers are the catalyst that stimulate children?s musical intelligence. I want to share with my students the skills needed to develop musical abilities that can be used in all parts of life. Music can provide a powerful form of expression. Children are capable of experiencing this ?magic.? Music is the substance of children?s playful expression and experimentation of the world around them. And provided with a basic knowledge of music, these children will be equipped with an avenue for expressing what cannot be verbally expressed.

Although I am aware that not all students will acquire my passion for music, I want to present it to them. After learning basic information about music, students are better equipped to make educated decisions about music. As a teacher, I will be able to share with them my knowledge of this powerful form of expression.

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