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Weapons Of World War Ii Essay, Research Paper

The tactics that were used in both wars were trenches, light flares, snipers, tanks and airplanes. Military actions designed to take control of enemy trenches were called attacks of offensives. The main objective of an attack was to break the enemy line, but an offense was an attempt to hold any positions. Light flares were used by the Germans to stop British patrols that were sent out at night to obtain info about the enemy. A parachute suspended these light flares. The flare blazed brightly for a minute giving the defending troops a chance to kill the soldiers who had advanced. The flares were eventually added into machine gun rounds. Snipers were used in the front line trenches. These men were specially trained and had rifles with scopes. Their main strategy was to creep out at dawn into the field and stay there all day. They used camouflage clothing and the cover of a fake tree. They waited for soldiers to stick their heads up and then shot at them. Tanks were another tactic of war. These tanks had big guns and the ability to cover all kinds of different types of terrain. During World War II, additional weapons were introduced. The atomic bomb ended World War II. The a-bomb, as it was called, was dropped on Hiroshima and killed more than 100,000 people and thousands more died from radiation.

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