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Success Essay, Research Paper


When we define at the word success, there are many meaning to it depending on how

you look at it. But when we narrow it down, we can defined it as accomplishing a certain goal.

Emerson defines the word success in a different way. He defines it as to finding the best in


When we accomplish a certain goal or excel in something, we can say that you

successfuly accomplished that or excelled it. When Emerson looks at the word Success he

look’s at it as finding the best in others or to appreciate the beauty. Emerson tries to look at life

of other people and when one is Successful because of him that’s when Emerson feels he is

also successful. But Success to us is when we move up in our life by accomplishing a certain

goal that we faced. So if that would have happen to someone else and Emerson would have

taken a part, to him he have won the respect and goten successful.

So people can have different meaning to the word success. We find it as overcoming

and an obstacle that we have faced which made us successful. And while Emerson finds other

people successful and the best in other he feels that he has defined what the word success is to


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