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Racism Essay, Research Paper

It’s one of the most explosive topics around and one that people rarely greet with sincerity. Everywhere you go, and everywhere you look, there is always somebody different. Imagine walking down the street and having people stare at you or call you names, or talk behind your back, just because your skin is a different color, or your of a different religion. We all seem to ask our selves the same question over and over, why do people do this? But unfortunately racism is almost impossible to stop. There will always be egotistic people who considers their race to be better then that of other?s.

The novel I read is about a Jewish girl by the name of Judith who begins to experience the cruelty of racism at the age of seven. The two boys that live across the street from Judith were always mean to her. They said that because she was Jewish she wasn?t allowed on their side of the street. And if they ever saw her on their lawn they would beat her up. She had no friends at school or in her neighborhood except one girl by the name of Rachel, who was also Jewish. The problem was that Rachel lived in America, and Judith lived in Canada, other then summer camp they couldn?t see each other. The next summer Judith met a Jewish boy by the name of Ori, who also lived in America. She felt as though they were soul mates.

Several years went by, and Judith and Ori moved to Israel together.

They got a small, one bedroom apartment and began University. Not long after, they began to drift apart from each other.

She packed up all her stuff and decided to move to London. Then she met a guy by the name of James. He wasn?t Jewish, but Judith really liked him. She knew that her parents would never approve of him, but she didn?t care. It didn?t matter to her the fact that he wasn?t. But once her parent?s found out about James they gave her an ultimatum. Either she moves back home to Toronto, or goes back to Jerusalem. Since she didn?t have time for a job and her parent?s refused to pay her bills, she had no other choice but to go back to Jerusalem. Her dreams were shattered, and she was left empty handed.

What staggered me the most about this book was the information I came across in the second chapter. The author talked about the war, and how the Nazis killed the Jews in concentration camps. They had killed six million Jews, more than anyone could imagine. The part which disturbed me the most was that they made lampshades out of collected hair, teeth, eye glasses, shoes, and even skin. The Nazis made soup out of Jewish people. They tore old men?s beards out of their faces. They took babies and bashed them against the wall in front of their mother?s eyes. Then they threw them up in the air and shot at them.

So the goal here is to stop racism, build stronger unity. And see our similarities not our skin color.

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