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Abortion 12 Essay, Research Paper


Abortion is the removal of foetus from the womb during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. As being an international controversial issue, abortion is one of the important topics which people discuss, dispute, or even protest. Different culture backgrounds, and living environments engender various aspects for people to view the causes and effects of abortion. Thus, some people conclude that killing the forming foetus in side the womb is injustice, however, the others think it is justice

From my personal point of view, I think abortion is justice. Some of my friends criticized me as a cold blood person who gives no sympathy to those unborn lives. Nevertheless, rather than sympathy, I think what people have to worry about are the obstacles which those foetus might have to face once they are born. .

Take a look at today s society, the percentage of teenagers unintended pregnancy are increasing annually. A percentage of those teenage girls are pregnant due to their reckless intercourse lives. Some other girls are pregnant because they were raped. There are also families who can not afford an extra child. Off course, there are more reasons to explain why these females are pregnant. However, if these females want to have abortion; it clearly means that they do not want their babies. Now the basic question comes down to: since these babies are unwanted in the first place, if their mothers were forced to give births, will these babies be in living a normal life?

Once a mother decides to give birth, the baby will become the turning point of her life. The task of becoming a mother is to raise and provide her child a healthy living environment. Thus, many things have to be take into consideration such as: the father of the child, all the expenses, school education level, or environment pressures etc. For instance, if the parents have AIDS, their baby will also inherit AIDS too. The innocent baby will be the one who has to suffer and die through the same disease; and he might possibly transmit AIDS to someone else in the society. Those are only the beginning of what this baby has to suffer through once he is born. On the other hand, some females could not have abortion due to their religious reasons. I believe each birth should be cherished and expected because it comes to this world as a new life. However, when a female is incompetent to afford this new life, yet, due to her religious concerns, she still gives the birth. I consider this female as a very selfish person. The mother is the sinner herself, but now her baby has to suffer too.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that a mother should only give birth under two conditions:1) if the mother herself really wants her baby(ies) to be born. 2) The mother can provide a healthy or at least a normal living environment for her baby(ies ). It is my concern that people should look beyond the cruelty of abortion, and see the possible tribulations that these fetus will have to face. My position here now is not trying to persuade or convince anybody, but merely expressing my worries and thoughts of those unborn lives. For the last time I ask myself again ” will those fetus have better lives if they are unborn in the first place, or to be trapped in the society that has no solution for them?”

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