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The Terminator Essay, Research Paper

The Terminator

The Terminator film series was the tremendous popular success in

USA for a few reasons. First, I think it’s because the main character,

Arnold, was very poplar at that time because he’s so masculine, most

audience want to see him. Second, I think because the producer spent a

lot money on the advertisement. So, we’re all impressed by the image of Arnold’s outlook. Also, they made a lot toys about this movie, such as the robot. So, we’re all influenced by this movie deeply.

The Terminator film suggests to me that the state of humanity in the United States is weakening. Since technology is developing very good and fast in today’s United States, we can’t live without any kind of technology. Then, we become not to aware about some aspects of humanity. For instance, we have new technology of nuclear power. We know that it’s a very powerful energy source and very useful, especially, when we have the energy crisis now. But why don’t we take action now and build up more nuclear power stations? I think it’s because we know that there are some hidden problems in this new technology. We know that nuclear power is not easy to control and manage well, so we try to avoid any tiny mistake. We heard a lot news about the nuclear radiation was exposed and killed a lot people. That’s what I want to point out; when we cannot control the technology well completely, we are the ones who get hurt or kill under new technology.

The Terminator film suggests that a conflict between humanity and technology is inevitable because our technology is developing so fast and advanced. In the film, we know that technology took over the world in the future. But in the reality, we never known who is the boss of the world in the future. Comparing The Terminator with both 2001: A Space Odyssey and Blade Runner, their evolutionary themes are more less the same. All three of them suggest that a conflict between humanity and technology is inevitable. In 2001: A Space Odyssey, the computer Hal kills Frank Poole and the hibernating astronauts to prevent anyone try to disconnect him. In Blade Runner, the replicants came back to Earth because they want their producer to extend their limited four years life span. This is the conflict that separates the human from the replicants.

I believe when technology aware that they are more advanced and important than human beings, technology might take over control on Earth. That means when technology have their own thoughts, feelings, they would not obey human beings anymore, they would rather control the world by themselves. If technology really take over the control, humanity would be decayed and even vanished. Of course, we don’t want this to be happened, but it’s possible. So, we should be aware of technology, and not let them to take over control of us.

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