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Siddhartha Essay, Research Paper

What is the book about?

Siddhartha, a book that I have read, by Herman Hesse is about a man named Siddhartha who believed strongly in his morals. Siddhartha shows a great deal of an odd case of stubbornness. Siddhartha shares this example with us when he talks to his father about joining the Ascetics and becoming a Samana. Then his father objects and wants to hear nothing more about joining the Ascetics and becoming a Samana. So Siddhartha just stands there until his not so stubborn, but wiser father gave in and said that Siddhartha should go and come back wiser.

Siddhartha did just that except for coming back home. Siddhartha did not go back home because he did not like what will become of him if he came back and stayed. What he wanted to find is peace. He probably felt that he could get more out of life if he went out into the world and discover. Siddhartha along with his good friend, Govinda, joined the Ascetics and became a part of the Samanas. Being a Samana was a drastic change of lifestyle for Siddhartha and Govinda.

Once Siddhartha and Govinda heard about the teaching Gautama, they quit the Samanas and began another adventure to seek the Sublime One . Siddhartha and Govinda found and had the honor to listen to one of Gautama s teachings. Gautama s teachings convince Govinda to stay with him, but Siddhartha was not convinced to stay. So he had to leave Govinda with Gautama, and Siddhartha went on by himself to search for his peace . So Siddhartha began another adventure, but by himself.

Kamala was the next person who would change his life forever. Kamala was helpful towards Siddhartha. Kamala gave him a job. Siddhartha soon grew rich, so he ran away because he figured out that he is not accomplishing any goal of his by becoming wealthy again. Then he went to the ferryman. Then there was word that Gautama was dying and Kamala died on the way to see the Gautama by a black snake and left her son, Siddhartha Jr., with Siddhartha. Siddhartha Jr. didn t like his father, Siddhartha, so Siddhartha Jr. ran away back home where he used to live. Siddhartha tried to find Siddhartha Jr., but he figured that his son would just run away again. Siddhartha then came across Govinda and Govinda realized that Siddhartha now became the Sublime One . So Govinda paid his respects for Siddhartha.

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