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America is the free-land, according to everyone who lives in this nation. Also, within the society, the freedom of speech has become eminently freer, which is surveyed through the profusion of music, movies, books, and the other aspects of culture contributed in our society today. But how free is too free? The society we live in which violence is largely contributed in those numerous forms of entertainment could be influencing the uprising in crimes across the U.S. For example, the majority of video games are violent, and people or creatures are constantly dying. But that is not as bad as how all of the characters (heroes, villains and all) are right back where they started from – clean, healthy, safe and fine – as soon as the game is restarted. This may be giving the youngsters today the impression that murder is not as serious as society makes it out to be. There are many more examples like this, such as the cartoon series “Looney Tunes”. In this series, people and animals get blown up, fall off cliffs, get stuck in tar, swallow explosives, and so on. I don’t think the children who watch these shows are being positively influenced by all of this.

The problem with banning these things is that it abuses the privilege of freedom of speech. We can’t take away books and television shows for it is depraved and goes against the Constitution. But innumerable people are being affected by the society we have created. Some may argue that this is inaccurate. But consider this: if you were to grow up in Pleasantville instead of Beachwood, Ohio, there is a much smaller chance of ANY crimes being committed at all. America has shoved itself into a trap, and either way they move, someone is not getting the fair share. Our society needs to figure out a solution to this problem instantaneously, for we are now a danger to our self.

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