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Track And Field – The Discus Essay, Research Paper


Discus is one of the oldest individual sports. It was a popular event with the ancient Greeks in their Olympic Games.

Athletes in ancient times threw a discus that was made of stone or metal. The discus that is used today is a round plate of wood or other material. It is tapered at the edge and has a smooth metal rim. A men s discus is 8 5/8 inches in diameter and 1 + inches thick at the center. It weighs 4 pounds 6 2/3 ounces. A women s discus is 7 1/8 inches in diameter and 1 + inches thick at the center. It weighs 2 pounds 3 + ounces.

Athletes throw the discus from a circle 8 feet 2 + inches in diameter. The discus thrower holds the discus in the palm of one hand, the ends of the fingers curling around the rim. He or she whirls in a complete turn to gather speed or power, and hurls the discus at the end of another half turn. The fingertips spin the discus as it leaves the athletes hand, and the discus flies through the air in a fairly flat position.

A throw does not count if the thrower steps on the circle or touches the ground outside the circle before the discus touches the ground. Judges measure the throw from the inside edge of the circle to the nearest point the discus struck the ground. Under international rules, each athlete gets six throws if eight or fewer contestants enter the competition. If more than eight athletes compete, each one gets three throws. The eight with the longest throws qualify for the finals.

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