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Road Rage is a growing problem all over the country and no one is

immune from it. It is an incident when one driver does something that

sets off another one and makes them angry. It doesn’t take much. Anyone who spends any time on the road has and will continue to experience a form of Road Rage. But it is not the type that ends up with someone shot or in the hospital. Usually, it is simply someone else’s behavior causing us to say something under our breath or even yell it out, and that is the end of it.

I know that it is pretty hard to keep away from road rage most of the time because we are not the one’s causing it, so here are some driving tips that can help you prevent from being the target of someone else’s rage. They will also make you a very good driver if you always follow the when you are on the road.

First be courteous. Think of why you might say or do to the other driver if you were face to face with him in like the grocery store or something. It is a lot easier for us to get angry at someone when we are in a car, but if we were right in front of the person we would think twice. We wouldn’t just give the person the middle finger or curse at them if we were face to face with them, so why would we do so if we are in a car?

Second of all you want to use your change lanes signal whenever you are about to do so. That could trigger most people if they get cut off, you want to give the person or persons in the other lanes as much time as possible to anticipate you moving in front of them.

Next, if you see someone that is tailgating you in your mirror move the right lane, if you are in the fast lane, so that they can pass you and you are not going to get hit by the person, and also do not tailgate others. Ninety percent of all accidents occuring from the rear end of the cars are because someone is following another car to closely. It takes time to slow down or stop when you are following a car. Sometimes there is not enough time at all. A good rule to follow is the two second rule, if you are driving behind a car make sure you are at least two seconds behind them, if weather is bad

then make it four seconds. The way you can tell if you are two seconds

behind the person is that look at something they pass on the road (a sign) once they pass that then you start counting one-one thousand, two-one thousand. If you have enough time to finish counting then you are good, but if you can’t finish then you need to slow down.

Another good idea is to not use your highbeams when there are other cars insight. If you have your highbeams on when another car is coming, they can get pretty angry, because the light is painful to thier eyes. In some

cases, highbeams are a must, but in the other 98% of the times you must turn them off when you see an oncoming car.

An important tip is to observe parking lot protocol. What this means is that when you are in a parking lot space, and you just come out of the store or where ever you have just been. Don’t go into your car and just sit there or apply makeup or check for all your insurance papers. This is very irritating. When a person stops in the middle of the road and waits for you to pull out of your spot, this can cause a lot of congestion. People will get very angry. Also, if you see someone waiting for a spot, don’t swerve in front of them and steal thier spot, that is very unpolite. To many confrontations are caused from situations like that.

If you take those tips I have written down, and follow them, there will be a lot less road rage. Remember to be courteous to other drivers and drive

“Defensively”. Good Luck!

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