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Life Essay, Research Paper


What is it that makes life interesting? Better yet, does life even have a purpose? Right away most people would have answered yes to this question, but how sure are we if yes is the right answer. I too question myself if everyone on Earth or this whole universe has a meaning to live. Sometimes I even wonder if our purpose is just to live life and die. Not everyone actually sits and ponders whether or not we are here for a purpose. We just all assume we have a purpose. Why? Well, because we all have been told from the very beginning by our parents, family members, and even friends that life has a purpose. And we all believe it too, which is normal. But still the question arises, How sure are we if life truly has a meaning?

Everyone is entitled to his or her own beliefs and opinions whether it is right or wrong. If a person feels God gave them a purpose to live, then so be it. Likewise, if a person feels life has no purpose, or better yet, God gave that person no purpose, or even his or her own self-fulfillment is their purpose of life, then again so be it. I want to believe my purpose of life is to succeed, to be all that I can be. That is my purpose, my one self-fulfillment, and my own wish. Most people feel that yes, God did give everyone s life a purpose. He wants all of us to live in his own image. His son even died for us to give life a stronger purpose. He is our savior. Most religions teach this concept too. God made us all to serve a purpose. Like a doctors purpose is to help or save a patient.

Though, on the contrary, we must look at a different aspect of the equation. How do we really know whether of not God even exists? Did he give all of our lives a purpose? We are all in the inside living our own personal lives, but we are never on the outside looking of what is really around us, or not having an open mind and thinking of all the different views that can possibly exist. Close-minded is the word. Maybe at times I too am even guilty of this characteristic. It s interesting to think though that if we were in fact evolved from the ape, then no higher being such as God actually gave us an intention to live life. He never even created us to give us a purpose, his purpose of life. He didn t want us to live in his image. So it seems in this philosophical view, we are here just to live life and that s it. No other reason. Then again, living is a purpose. To live is a purpose of life. So why are we here then? We are here to live our life the best way we know how, and we are here to live and grow.

In the end though, everything is all based on faith. A person has to have faith to give life a true meaning. I think life does have a purpose. We make life what we want it to be. Everything basically has a purpose. For instance, students who chose to go to college want to better themselves. That is a student s purpose for attending school. After all, what is the use of living if there is no purpose?

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