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Antigone The Hero Essay, Research Paper

Antigone the Hero

Antingone is the heroine of western drama, and the play bears her name rather than Creon?s. I believe this statement to be true. Not only because Antigone is the Heroine, but because the story also revolves around her. If not for the conflict of disobeying her uncle, the story wouldn’t have a pourpose. This is the basis for most plays titles, is the main character, or thing that the plot revolves around.

Antigone truly displays many characteristics of all kinds of hero?s, mainly Papa?s code hero. Where as Antigone shows the ability of sensing what?s truly right and wrong, such as her brother?s desecration. Her Will power, and perseverance never to accept, the hatred for one of her brothers. Has truly made her a hero. Creon, yes, was a main character. But was undoubtedly the villain, being the center of all conflict, he could be nothing else. And as we all know a story is rarely ever named after the story?s villain.

Even though Creon is an honest and good man, his judgement is clouded by pride and excitement from his just recent acceptance as king of Thebes. But the thing that makes him wise in my eyes is the fact that he admits to his ignorance and thick headedness, before the punishments he received.

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