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A society is an organized group of individuals. In the novel, The Chrysalids, by John Wyndham the Sealand society and Waknuk society are both similar and different in the way they live. The Sealand and Waknuk societies are both egocentric and ignorant, but the Sealand society accepts changes, where the Waknuk society does not accept change and would rather stay the same.

Both the Sealand and Waknuk societies experience egocentricism. The Sealand society believes that Waknuk and other societies are uncivilized. An example of this is when the Sealand woman suggests that Waknuk is primitive and David and the thought-shape group are close to being primitive too. The Sealand society also shows eocentricism when they come for Petra, David and Rosalind because they kill everybody who is unable to send thought-shapes. The Waknuk society is egocentric because they banish people who are different to the Fringes or destroy and kill crops and animals because they are offences. Another example that shows Waknuk is egocentric is that they believe they are the ?true image? and all other societies are primitive and the work of the devil. Not only do these two societies show egocentricism, they are also ignorant.

These two societies are ignorant because they do not know a lot about the world. The Sealand society was unaware of how huge the world really was when they came for David, Rosalind and Petra. They think that the ?true image? should be able to send thought-shapes. The Waknuk society was unaware of what the world really looked like. They were afraid of what was beyond the Badlands, so therefore they did not know much about the rest of the world. The people of Waknuk did not know that the people of the Fringes believed in God. An example of this is when David is talking to a Fringes man, ?God?s little game of patience I reckon it is, but He certainly takes His time over it.? ?God?? I said doubtfully. ?They?ve always taught us that it?s the Devil that rules in the Fringes.?? pg. 153. Although the Sealand society and Waknuk society seem similar, they are also different.

The Sealand society wants change where the Waknuk society wants to stay the same. Unlike Waknuk, Sealand does not want to be like the Old People. This is shown when the Sealand woman tells David, ?We are the New People ? your kind of people. The people who can think-together. We?re the people who are going to build a new kind of world ? different from the Old People?s world and the savages.? pg. 156. The Sealand society also has developed advanced technology such as flying machines and horseless carriages, proving that they are ready to make a new world. The Waknuk society is a replica of the Old People and they do not want change. This is shown when they try to follow the Old People?s way and do not think for themselves. The people of Waknuk have not developed their technology because they are afraid they might offend God and cause another Tribulation. Therefore these two societies are different.

In this novel the Sealand society and Waknuk society are different but also are very similar. Both societies are egocentric and ignorant, but the Sealand society wants change and the Waknuk society would rather stay the same.

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