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Shaving Snow Essay, Research Paper

*HTML**FONT SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10*Often, two different stories have very much in common. Two authors with completely *BR*

different styles often write very similar stories. Tobias Wolff?s ?Powder? and Leslie Norris? *BR*

?Shaving? have many similarities. They are comparable in their themes, plot and relationships.*BR*

The best example of a theme that “Shaving” and “Powder” share, is that change is necessary *BR*

for a more mature and happy life. In ?Shaving,” Barry has a rite of passage that is forced upon him. *BR*

Due to his dad’s failing health, Barry has to shave him because he is too weak to do it himself. This rite *BR*

of passage makes Barry a mature individual because not only does he learn to take care of his father, but he learns that he will *BR*

be able to survive as the man of the household when his father is not there anymore. The author *BR*

says about Barry, “Not long ago they had been small bare hands, not very long ago (123).” This helps *BR*

the reader realize that the change is occuring as he reads. In ?Powder,” the little boy started off *BR*

as an obsessive neat freak who grew very nervous at any time in which something bad could *BR*

happen. At the end of the story, the boy learned how to enjoy himself in the face of danger. *BR*

He thinks to himself, ” I knew we’d get caught; I was resigned to it. And maybe for this reason *BR*

I stopped moping and began to enjoy myself. (304)” This change helps make the boy realize that he *BR*

will have more fun in life if he is more daring. Because of similar themes, these two stories *BR*

also have a similar plot. *BR*

These two stories are very similar in their plot. Both stories have to do with a son*BR*

spending time with his father. In ?Shaving?, Barry spends time with his father*BR*

when he helps him shave. Barry knows that there could be little time left in his*BR*

father?s life so he is trying to make the most of their time together. As the author was *BR*

describing Barry she said, “Barry was filled with unreasoning protective love. He lifted the*BR*

razor and began to shave (123).” In ?Powder,” the boy is spending time with his father on a ski trip. *BR*

On the way home, the boy tries to make the most of the time because he realized that after *BR*

this trip he might not be spending time with his father in a while because his mother might be *BR*

very upset and forbid him to see his father. Both children realize that that their relationships with *BR*

their parents might soon be coming to an end. Within both of these stories, there are *BR*

relationships between a father and son that develop throughout the story. *BR*

“Shaving” and “Powder” also have similar relationships. Both stories have relationships*BR*

between a father and a son. Throughout each story, the relationships improved. In ?Shaving,” as Barry took upon his role as a mature adult, and shaved*BR*

his father, he became very close with his father. The author said, “He held his father in the *BR*

bend of his strong arm and they looked at each other. Their heads were very close (123).” They *BR*

learned to get along in life with each other?s help. In ?Powder,” the son and father grew together *BR*

to learn to have fun together. The boy thought about his father, “I actually trusted him. And *BR*

the best was yet to come… (304)” By the end of the story, the two of them were having a great time *BR*

in the face of danger. Both of these stories describe a rite of passage of two relationships, not *BR*

only characters. These two relationships greatly changed throughout the story. *BR*

In conclusion, ?Shaving? and ?Powder? are very similar stories. Their themes,*BR*

characters, and relationships make these two stories have a lot in common. These stories are a good example of two stories taking place in a differenent location that share similar messages. When the reader reads stories, he should always be on the lookout for similarities, even if they are unexpected.*BR*



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