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Breast Implants Essay, Research Paper

Breast Implants

Why do women get breast implants? Do the breast implants make them feel good about themselves? Breast implants are a serious threat because, there are many risks involved, there are many disorders that are possible, and there are illnesses that you could

catch after the operation. According to Marian Segal, many of the women who have had breast implants don t exactly what is in there body.

Silicone contains organic compounds, which have the physical properties of oils,resins or rubber, and which are more stable when exposed to heat and oxygen thanordinary organic substances. This is the same stuff that goes into your body making you think that you look good ( MS Bookshelf).

There are many procedures that need to be followed in order to get an application for silicone inflatable breasts (MS Encarta). There are various test, experimentation, and evaluations that need to be done (”Student Handbook”). The most important ones are the;

Chemical Characterization, Pharmacokinetic Studies. These are all tests that the Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery Devices Branch Division of General Restorative

Devices and the Office Of Device Evaluation all require (ODE documents 6).

The Chemical Characterization, is an important test. It does all of the following. If fabrication of the device involves curing of polymeric components by chemical crosslinking, then data establishing should be provided. This may be done by a various methods, for example: Measurement of Young s modulus at low strain, as this is approximately proportional to crosslink density. Measurement of equilibrium swelling of the polymeric component by a good solvent. Determination of the amount of unreached crosslinker from its concentration in the total extractable (ODE documents 6).

Pharmacokinetic or biodegradation studies of all materials contained in the finished sterilized device must be reported. Of special concern are questions regarding the ultimate fate , quantities, organs deposition, routes of excretion, and potential clinical significance of silicone shedding, retention, and migration. It would be good if every woman would ask questions about all that information (ODE documents 8).

There are also many disorders that are possible. A person can suffer from: general anesthesia, as well as nausea, vomiting and fever. Infection, hemotoma are also possible. (collection of blood that causes: swelling pain and brushing.) Also very dangerous is the skin necrosis- when the tissue dies and blood flow doesn t get to the skin. This can be caused by smoking, cortisone like drugs, implant that are too large for the available space (Segal 4).

Autoimmune-like disorders are disorders which–signs include joint pain and swelling; tightness of the skin, redness or swelling. Swelling of hands and feet are also possible. A rash, swollen glands or lymph nodes; unusual fatigue; general aching. There is also a greater chance of getting colds, viruses and flu. Unusual hair loss, memory problems may also occur. Headaches, muscle weakness or burning, nausea or vomiting; and irritable bowel syndrome. Recent studies have shown, however, that there is not a large increased risk of traditional autoimmune, or connective tissue disease, from silicone

gel implants as well as for saline. Fibrosis or fibromyalgia-like disorders(pain, tenderness and stiffness of muscle, tendons and ligaments.) These are all part of these disorders (Segal 5).

A part from the disorders, there are also many risk involved in this operation. There could be possible complications of general anesthesia, as well as nausea, vomiting and fever. Hemorrhage (abnormal bleeding), thrombosis(abnormal clotting). This are all

possible risks during the surgical procedure(Segal 5).

Capsular contracture ( hardening if the breast due to scar tissue), leak or rupture– silicone implants may leak or rupture slowly, releasing silicone gel into surrounding tissue; saline implants may rupture suddenly and deflate, usually requiring

immediate removal or replacement. Temporary or permanent change or loss of sensation of the nipple or breast tissue is possible. Formation of calcium deposits in surrounding tissue, possibly causing pain and hardening. These are all risks from an implant (Segal 5).

Interference with mammography readings, possibly delaying breast cancer detection by hiding a suspicious lesion. Also, it may be difficult to distinguish calcium deposits formed in the scar tissue from a tumor when in interpreting the mammogram. When making an appointment for a mammogram, the woman should tell the scheduler she has implants to make sure qualified personnel are on-site. At the time of the mammogram she should also remind the technician she has implants before the procedure is done, do the technician can use special techniques to obtain the best mammogram and to avoid rupturing the implants.(Segal 5).

Breasts implants are very expensive. They also have many complications. There are too many risks involved. There are also too many side affects and disorders. Just do what is good for you and what your heart desires.

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