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How Pregnancy Changes Your Body Essay, Research Paper

The causes for women to cease menstration is because egg cells are encased in structures called follicles, which ruptures, allowing to release an egg, but if she does not start menstrating then it will still secrete progesterone. By the third mnth of pregnancy the lining of the placenta takes place. The next signs show is the fullness and tenderness of breasts. estrogen and progesterone are responsible for changes like milk ducts, and your breasts will increase in size. In the early months the women might feel a bit nausea and vomit. discoloration of the face and neck shows pregnancy, change of pigmentation, also frequent urination and constipation come along with this. Later in pregnancy, as the uterus enlarges and presses it causes contractions, as they get more intense. Prior to the labor, the cervix is almost entirely closed. In order for the baby to pass through the cervical, the opening must be about 4 inched wide. The first stage of labor is the period during which the uterine contractions exert the pressure neccessary to dilate the cervix, its usually up to 12 hours, to about 7 hours. Second stage the uterine contractions begin and concentrating on forcing the fetus out. This usually lasts about 50mins. Several minutes after delivery of the infant the placenta seperates and delivered, maarking the end of the third and final stage of labor.

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