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Ivanhoe Strengths Essay, Research Paper

The greatest strengths of Ivanhoe were the themes of the novel. All the characters

in Ivanhoe were in some way affected by the major theme of the hatred between the

Saxon’s and Normans. The novel also answers many of the great questions of life. It

mainly is a love triangle and of betrayal. The love triangle is threaded all throughout the

book in many places and ultimately closes the novel with Ivanhoe and Rowena get

married. Betrayal is spoke in the beginning of the book when Ivanhoe betrays Cetric

by going on crusades. Cedric disowns Ivanhoe because he betrayed his father.

The theme of hatred towards another group of people is threaded throughout

the novel. Many factors contributed to this being the theme that was treaded through

the novel. Fighting was occurring in many key parts of the novel between the two groups

of people. The fighting told the reader that people from each side didn’t like each other

and wanted to kill one another. Attacks were also common. Gurth was attacked for

doing nothing, just because he was part of Cedric’s group.

In closing, the theme of hatred towards another group was the strength of this

novel. It was threaded throughout the novel and kept the reader with knowing what was

going on.

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