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DSL Should Be the Standard for Telephone Lines

There is a new technology being developed that would make standard phone lines digital instead of analog. This technology is called DSL, or digital subscriber line. Because of DSL’s great superiority over our standard analog lines, all of the US’s phone lines should be upgraded to DSL.

One of DSL’s advantages would be line sharing. Because of DSL’s digital format, the data being passed over the lines can be easily compressed allowing for more bandwidth, which is the amount of data that can be passed over the line. With more bandwidth, more devices would be able to use the line at the same time. With DSL, two people could talk on the phone to different people, or someone could be on the internet and talk on the phone at the same time, all with one phone line.

Another advantage of greater bandwidth is faster internet connections. On a normal analog phone line, the fastest internet connection available is 56 kb/s (kilobits per second). With DSL, the normal speed is 384 kb/s with the max at 1.1 Mb/s (megabits per second).

With DSL, one’s computer could be online at all times. There would be no busy signals or dial-in hassles. If someone wanted to look something up on the internet real quick or check their mail, all they would have to do is start their internet browser or email client and they would be set.

DSL wouldn’t only make our internet experience more enjoyable, but it would also improve the quality and reliability of normal phones. The digital format would be able to reproduce sound quality with great fidelity. Static-filled and “noisy” phone lines would be a thing of the past allowing for clearer long and short distance phone calls.

An upgrade to DSL would be a benefit to all. This amazing new technology would change both our internet browsing and phone experiences for the better.

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