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Basketball Essay, Research Paper

English 1303

Basketball has always been apart of my life, without it, my road of life would be completely diffeent. my experiences with basketball has indeed impacted my outlook on life. It molds my growing personality, and allows me to express myself as I really am. Basketball is an experience that has bought many other experiences; experiences that have caused triumps and tragedies along my journey.

My lifes journey has taken me places that I have never imagined. Although the mental strain of basketball is a difficult adjust, I enjoy the challenges that it offer. I suppose the challenges of basketball have always been something that I enjoy, because as a little boy my favorite hobby was running through the house shooting fake baskets.

At an early age my parents discovered that my love for basketball was not merely a hobby but a special talent, a talent that would led me to profound opportunities.

As a little boy I played basketball because I got an uncontrollable thrill from it. I dreamed of being in front of large crowds and scoring the winning points in championship games.

When I was school age, I began to play for teams with other good players. We all had the same goal; we had the desire to win. By the time I was in high school I realized that basketball would provide a future for me. My coaches influenced my game so much that I believed colleges would atually recruit me to play for them. It was time now for me to take the sport seriously and work on the technical drills to improve my game.

High school baskeetball was a learning experience for me. I was playing for enjoyment, yet, I trained myself to play as if I was on a job. Getting to college would be my goal.

After the season of my senior year it was time to make one of the most important

decisions of my life. Several schools were prepared to pay my schools was prepared to pay my college fees, but which school would be the best for me. Many things ran through my mind. Would I be good enough to play college ball? Could I offer anything to the team?

After weighing all opitions I decided to sign with the University of Houston. There was rumors that I choose Houston following in the footsteps of my uncle the legend Elvin Hayes. I guess it would be possible to say that my basketball talent was hereditary but my decision to attend Houston was strictly personal. I was a little hesistant because I balled at the fact of having to fill his footsteps and keep the Hayes tradition alive, but my next stop would be University of Houston.

Now that everything was complete and my official priority was to stay healthy and injury free. Everything was running smoothly until mid-summer.

One afternoon I was shooting on the court with a few friends; I wasn’t playing too hard because I was trying tobe careful, but I soon learned that accidents happen when least expected.

After running the ball down the court hoping for an easy basket, I attempted to rebound the ball and to try again. The landing from the rebound ended in a disaster-two surgerys and an entire year of rehab.

At first the injury itself was not important to me, I was more concerned about my chances of still attending University of Houston and making an impression on the coaches. I suppose that my high school efforts was so impressive that they agreed to keep me as an scholarship athlete and red-shirt me.

Training was an essential part of my recovery. It was imperative that I pay close attention to the doctors and follow all instructions.

School started soon and eventually I was ready to have surgery on my foot. My doctors placed a pin to hold my 5th metatarsal together .This experience beyond any other will always be unforgettable.

Three weeks later I was prepared to begin rehab. Day in and day out I traveled to the new athletic facility tying to get better. After a few months I am now able to play a little basketball and run on my foot.I am in the process of lifting weights and increasing my endurance. My chances of recovering completely are extremely high.

Next year is defintely going to be an experience. If I stay injury-free, I can finally play in the big league. My experience with my foot has taught me a number of things.

First and far most I will never take anything for granted, things that you enjoy most can easily become out of reach. Also, college is more important than basketball. It is a stepping stone to even more experiences. Basketball, is not neccessarly a promised future, but with a college degree anything is possible.

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