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Change Oil In A Car Essay, Research Paper

How to Change The Oil In a Car

Equipment Needed: 5 quarts of 10w30 motor oil, an oil filter for your

model vehicle, a pan that will hold at least 5 quarts of oil to catch the oil in,

a 3-ton floor jack, an adjustable wrench, and a funnel.

Process: Note: For safety an Oil change must take place on a flat,

hard surface, capable of holding up the floor jack.

- Put your vehicle in park and shut off the engine if it was running.

- Place the 3-ton floor jack underneath the car behind the left front tire.

- You will now see a flat surface in this area of the car frame to put the lifting surface of the jack on.

- Line the jack up with this section

- Turn the jack handle clockwise until it stops and begin jacking up the vehicle

- Jack up the vehicle until the left front tire is about 1 foot off of the ground. This should give you enough room to get under the car.

- Now we can begin the oil changing process.

- Gather your pan, filter, and wrench then slide underneath the car from the left front side underneath the bumper.

- When you get underneath the car locate the oil pan. It should be just about in the middle when you get underneath your car.

- When you find a flat square section with one bolt sticking out of the bottom left of the section, this is the oil drain plug.

- Take your wrench and adjust it to fit the bolt.

- Place the pan underneath the drain pug so when you take the bolt out it will catch the oil.

- Begin turning the bolt in a counterclockwise position until it is just about ready to be removed

- Sit the wrench down and finish taking out the bolt with your fingers until it is removed and the oil is draining into the pan.

- After all the oil has been drained put the bolt back in and tighten the bolt by turning it in a clockwise position until tight.

- Look near the pan and you will find a circle bottom shaped figure about 4 inches in circumference that will say oil filter somewhere upon it.

- Take your hand and turn it counterclockwise until it is removed.

- Place the old oil filter in the pan as well.

- Acquire your new oil filter and put it in place of the old one and turn it in a clockwise position until tight.

- Now slide out from underneath your vehicle bringing the pan and your wrench with you.

- Go to the jack and slowly turn the handle in a counterclockwise position until the car is slowly starting to come down. Let the car all the way down and remove your jack from underneath the car

- Pop the hood of your vehicle.

- Locate a cap on your engine that reads engine oil fill.

- Turn this cap counterclockwise and remove it.

- Place your funnel in the hole the cap was covering.

- Open up all of the oil and pour them into the funnel.(Be sure to do this steadily so none of the oil overflows out of the funnel)

- Now remove the funnel and put the cap back on by turning it clockwise.

- Close the hood of your vehicle.

- You are done!

How Often do I Change my Oil?: The oil in your vehicle should be

changed every 3000 miles and all you have to do is follow these easy to use


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