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Many shows include violence as a key factor to interest public viewers. However, people may think television violence is one of the many causes for everyday violence. Dr. Littner has slightly disagreed with this theory and explained his reasoning. Dr. Littner believes that television does not create the desire for violence but supports the existing desire that cannot be taken away.

Personally, I agree with Dr. Littner’s opinion because his reasoning is rational and logical. If a mature teen were following a television program that included rape, it would be very unlikely for him/her to go out and rape a person. On the contrary, if an emotionally disturbed teenager were following the same program, the chances would be more likely for him/her to rape a person. The maturity of the viewer, the way in which the violence is shown, and the age of the viewer are all factors that affect violence caused by television. If the viewer is very emotionally disturbed then the more likely for the viewer to have difficulty controlling his/her disturbed emotions. It may also be unsafe if the violence is presented unrealistically and is purposely shown to attract an audience. A mature adult may be angered and insulted by inappropriate displays of violence. A normal adolescent may not know how to handle violence

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