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Meal Plannig Charts For Diabetics Essay, Research Paper

Personal Meal Planning Chart for Diabetics

For diabetics planning meals and eating the right foods is one of

the basic and most important tools in maintaining a balanced diet. Meal

planning at times can be difficult to remember and follow for some

diabetics. That’s why there are personal meal plan charts for diabetics.

This is a chart comprised of measured foods and substitutes that aide in

monitoring and managing calorie, carbohydrate, fat, and protein intake.

The personal meal plan consist of seven food groups: starches/breads,

meat/meat substitutes, vegetables, fruits, milk/milk substitutes, fats,

and free foods (contains fewer than 20 calories). The chart also provides

sample meals for each meal of the day. A daily meal plan makes use of

all seven food groups, allowing a diabetic guidance on which foods to eat

and in what portions. All diabetics are “required” to maintain a balanced

diet and with the use of a personalized meal planning chart it makes the

whole process of planning, monitoring, managing, and maintaining much


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