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The one area that makes search engines like Infoseek special is something that ordinary book searches at most libraries can t or are not willing to provide. Something that people may not know that they can use until they accidentally stumbled upon it. What s so special about Infoseek.com is that it provides a method of finding the works of the unconventional , the unpublished , and most of all the unrestricted . Never mind the fact that you can find a British students 25 page, A term paper and plagiarize like a mad-man or find a million and one things to do with coconut oil. Ever wonder how easy it is to hack, or to turn someone s Internet browser into a bomb that kills Windows? Or various ways to snuff out a human life instantly using normal strength and no weapons? Probably not to this extreme, but someday you might. Ever care to find out what hundreds of Long Island residents really saw in the sky and even more secretive, what they heard on their CB radios the night TWA Flight 800 mysteriously went down? Whatever your area of interest, if you want to learn more on a subject, it s a good idea to get as much that is relevant, especially what publishers wont allow in their books. That tends to be the stuff worth reading about. It certainly puts a new perspective on research.

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