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Reality Vs. Illusion Essay, Research Paper

Reality vs. Illusion

Michael Cioffi


I. Introduction

A. Introduce topic

1. Reality and illusion

2. Confusion between the two

II. First Body

A. Othello

1.Othello is a great example

2. Iago gains revenge through this

III. Second Body

A. Othello

1. Out of revenge

2. Iago uses his plan

IV. Conclusion

A. Reality vs. Illusion

1. Confusion between the two

2. Iago knows how to get his way

Reality and illusions are two words which may be confused among

people reading or learning about this sort of topic. Reality is what is real or

true and should not be misinterpreted with illusion, which is fake or something

a person believes is real. Often people can put an illusion in some ones head

and through words, can manipulate how they think, which affects the person’s

judgment on what is reality and what is an illusion. Illusions can be mistaken

as being reality and very often there is a person making another believe in the

illusion through his/her actions and speech.

The play ?Othello? has the greatest example of this and is

easily understood through this example. Iago is a very intelligent man who uses

peoples weaknesses to his advantage. Iago has got to be one of Shakespeare’s

most evil characters and he is a character who stands out among all of the

Shakespeare characters. Iago uses his skill to gain revenge and take advantage

of people who he believes deserves this sort of punishment.

Iago uses this revenge in many occasions, one in particular he

talks to Othello about Casssio and makes Othello believe that Cassio is sleeping

with Othello’s wife Desdemona. This is definitely not the truth but Iago talks

in such a way that Othello has no choice but to believe him. Iago also plants

Desdemona’s handkerchief in Cassio’s cabin knowing that Othello will eventually

find it. Iago uses persuasive words to make Othello believe these illusions and

as an extra plan Iago is making Othello trust in him because only a good friend

would break this kind of news to another friend.

Reality and illusion are often mixed up as in Othello. People

have to look out for the situations such as this. It is hard to believe such

opposite words with opposite meanings could be mixed up so easily if a person

actually puts some intelligent thinking behind a plan like this. To give credit

where credit is due, Iago is very intelligent and he knows how to get his way.


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